ScienceProjectIdeas was formed to offer a unique reference point on great ideas and advice for science projects.

ScienceProjectIdeas is the ideal place for parents, teachers and carers wanting to explore science with children. It is a regularly reviewed and updated collection of articles full of ideas for science projects in biology, chemistry, physics, maths, and environment & meteorology.

The articles include background information on the subject, suggestions for simple hands on experiments with easily available ingredients, and clear explanations on the science that is going on.

The biology section includes things to grow, things to watch, even things to eat (some with names on too). Find out how plants eat, what mites look like, and whether beans know which way is up.

In chemistry, there are also things to eat, and things to make, like putty and slime, as well as crystals to grow, (very messy) fountains to create and colours and chemicals to explore.

Physics scares off people, but this site has fun experiments for even the most physics-phobic, from disappearing glass bowls, through expanding air and sinking water, to flying balloons and attracting magnets. Nothing to eat though – sorry.

Maths is another subject that people get worried about, but it is really just playing with numbers. Try reading people’s minds, getting knotted with topology, proving that one equals two and two equals three, and multiplying on your fingers. See. Not that hard after all.

And finally, environment & meteorology. In this section, learn how to make a rainbow, or create a tornado in a bottle and El Nino on the kitchen table. By the end of it, you will be cooking with the sun and making a wind vane.